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 BTS’ CommsWare Operator Console delivers quantifiable performance improvements at Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council 

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council’s Customer First Programme consolidates under one roof all the ways the council deals with the public. The Council’s contact centre staff are a key part of this programme because they are the first point of answer for calls from the public. How these calls are dealt with is vitally important. 

The Problem

The introduction of the Council’s Customer First programme produced a steady increase in the number of calls to the contact centre, and the Council needed a way to answer more calls with the same number of staff.

With a broad spectrum of public queries, the contact centre staff also required quick and easy access to a wide range of information in a single place on their PCs.

The Council was also considering extending the single point of answer to cover more Council services and knew this would further increase calls to the contact centre.

The Council also needed a future proof solution which was not tied to a particular telephony platform.  

The Solution

The BTS CommsWare Console, with its powerful SQL database (including integration with Active Directory) provided the Council with the flexible searching options it needed to help provide a better service to the public, while at the same time answering a greater volume of calls. Further productivity gains were provided through the Console’s speed dials, automatic call delivery, better handling of returned calls, and the ease of making an enquiry with another call held.

Information that was previously held in a combination of databases, paper files and whiteboards was combined in the SQL database, giving the contact centre staff easy access to all the information they needed.

BTS have also provided the Council with Voice Recording for the call centre which automatically pauses the recording when an agent takes a payment, ensuring that no payment details are stored.

The BTS Project Team worked closely with both Gregg Edwards (Customer and Corporate Support Manager) and Carolyn O’Neill (Call Centre Supervisor) to ensure that the solution delivered against each of the project requirements. 

Pay off

The Council is now able to offer a better service to its customers, and to answer many more incoming calls without increasing staffing levels.

Carolyn O’Neill observed, “The speed dials are a handy addition, but the call handling return function has enabled us to give better customer service.”

Gregg Edwards added, “As part of my service improvement, I wanted to provide customers with a better contact experience, through a single point of contact, and to cut out previously expressed frustrations through callers having to repeat requests because they ended up speaking to different advisors. The returned calls functionality has delivered this. Additionally, I wanted a system that would allow me to increase the volume of calls without extra resources, that would improve call handing without degrading performance, and that would have the capacity to grow in line with my business objectives - BTS were able to deliver on all my requirements.” 

Gregg Edwards is now looking to bring other areas into the contact centre and continues to look at ways that the CommsWare Operator Console can help improve the service that the Council provides to the public.