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CommsWare Hunt Group Plus improves the caller experience and reduces the number of abandoned calls.

Are your customers just getting ringtone and hanging up before they get answered?

You can improve the service you offer to customers with CommsWare Hunt Group Plus.

CommsWare Hunt Group Plus allows you to queue your callers, play comfort messages and improve your customers' experience.

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South Devon Case Study

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Example Hunt Group Plus

in queue announcements 

CommsWare Hunt Group Plus provides customisable queue announcements and in-call comfort messages.  

These messages provide callers with reassurance and reduce the number of abandoned calls.


With the optional Wallboard, a large plasma display shows the current state of the queues and the call answering performance. 

This information helps with effective performance management.

historical performance statistics

This option provides historical performance statistics on the volume of calls, average wait time and numbers of abandoned calls. 

This information is vital when ensuring that performance targets are met.