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The CommsWare Console helps you cut customers’ waiting time and improve your service to incoming callers. It also helps reduce call handling time, allowing your operators to answer more calls. 


The CommsWare console works with all major VoIP and traditional telephone systems and is a modern alternative to proprietary screen-based consoles.

With the CommsWare Console, you get the benefits of VoIP technology without replacing your existing network.

The CommsWare Console is telephone system-independent and does not tie you in to a particular manufacturer or proprietary technology.

saving money on database updates

Operators need access to accurate and complete directory information. 

With the CommsWare Console, keeping things up to date is easier... 

The CommsWare Console, Call Logger and PhoneWare Intranet Directory use a common database and can be integrated with other systems, such as Active Directory and HR, to provide a single point of update.


CommsWare Console Version 1x has tested compatible with Cisco Unified Communication Manager Version 7x, 8x and 8.5x. 

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CommsWare Console with BTS Call Director Version, CommsWare server Version 1.07 and CommsWare client Version solution has completed testing by Avaya’s DevConnect technical team, and is officially recognized as compliant.

queue salutations

In the CommsWare Console, queues can be configured to prompt the Operator to answer with different greetings. This is useful where calls need to be answered differently, such as in a multi-tenant environment.

queue announcements

The CommsWare Console can be configured to play customised welcome messages and in-call announcements for each individual queue. These messages provide callers with reassurance and reduce the number of abandoned calls.

caller identity

When a call is received by an Operator, an automatic lookup displays any information about the caller, such as his or her name. This allows the Operator to offer incoming callers a more personal service.

historical performance statistics

The CommsWare Console provides comprehensive historical performance statistics on each individual Operator. This information is vital in managing the switchboard effectively and ensuring that performance targets are met.


Supervisors and Operators can create different layouts within the CommsWare Console. Layouts define how the screen is presented, including the font type and size, search and results fields, and how messages are presented. Layouts allow tailoring to particular organisations' or users' needs.