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The CommsWare Contact Centre helps you cut customers’ waiting time and improve your service to incoming callers. It also helps reduce call handling time, allowing your Agents to answer more calls. 


How well your organisation answers calls has a direct impact on the service you offer your customers.

You can cut your customers' waiting time with the CommsWare Contact Centre.

The CommsWare Contact Centre reduces call handling time, allowing your Agents to answer more calls.

improving Agent call throughput

You need Agents to handle customer calls effectively.

With the CommsWare Contact Centre, advanced call handling is easier...

The CommsWare Contact Centre is simple, powerful, easy-to-use, and generates statistics identifying areas for productivity improvements.


CommsWare Contact Centre Ribbon UI

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CommsWare Call Handling Version 1x has tested compatible with Cisco Unified Communication Manager Version 7x, 8x and 8.5x. 

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CommsWare Console with BTS Call Director Version, CommsWare server Version 1.07 and CommsWare client Version solution has completed testing by Avaya’s DevConnect technical team, and is officially recognized as compliant.

queue salutations

In the CommsWare Contact Centre, queues can be configured to prompt the Agent to answer with different greetings. This is useful where calls need to be answered differently, such as in a multi-tenant environment.

queue announcements

The CommsWare Contact Centre can be configured to play customised welcome messages and in-call announcements for each individual queue. These messages provide callers with reassurance and reduce the number of abandoned calls.

skills-based routing

The CommsWare Contact Centre can be configured with a number of different queues, allowing calls to be routed based on the services callers require. This allows incoming calls to be handled more effectively, being routed to the most appropriate Agent.

vip queues

The Queues in the CommsWare Contact Centre can be configured so that your most important calls are prioritised. Such callers receive better service because their calls are answered first.

queue alarms

The CommsWare Contact Centre has predefined thresholds for the number of calls in a queue, and the length of time a call has been waiting. If these are breached, this can be highlighted to the Agents and to the Supervisor, allowing action to be taken immediately.