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 CommsWare Hunt Group Plus improves the service you offer to incoming callers. 

 CommsWare Hunt Group Plus is a really cost-effective way of deploying contact centre technology for work groups, helpdesks, university clearing, box offices, or leisure centres.  With CommsWare Hunt Group Plus, you know, in real-time, how many calls you are receiving, how long they are waiting and how many you are answering. 

 CommsWare Hunt Group Plus is easy to deploy because your Agents don't require any training, they just answer the phone as they would do normally. 

CommsWare Hunt Group Plus is telephone system-independent and does not tie you in to a particular manufacturer or proprietary technology. 

CommsWare Hunt Group Plus works with all major VoIP and traditional telephone systems and is a cheaper alternative to deploying contact centre seats.  

 Top Features: 

 call recording

 With the Call Recording Option, the recording is automatically made from the beginning of the call.

 queue announcements

 Hunt Group Plus can be configured to play customised welcome messages and in-call announcements for each individual queue. These messages provide callers with reassurance and reduce the number of abandoned calls. 

  skills-based routing 

 Hunt Group Plus can be configured with a number of different queues, allowing calls to be routed based on the services callers require. This allows incoming calls to be handled more effectively, being routed to the most appropriate Agent. 

time-based call routing

 Hunt Group Plus can be configured with different opening times for different queues, allowing callers to be played recorded announcements or to leave a message when services are closed. 

 historical performance statistics 

 Hunt Group Plus provides comprehensive historical performance statistics on each individual Agent. This information is vital in managing calls effectively and ensuring that performance targets are met. 

 supervisor wallboard  

 With the Supervisor Wallboard Option, a large plasma display shows the current state of the queues, the call answering performance and the status of the Agents. This information can also be displayed on a Supervisor's PC and helps with the effective management of calls.  

Case Study:

Sample call flow:

Sample GP Call Flow
GP Surgery Call Flow