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Atereo Bank Staff Messaging is a new mobile app which helps NHS Trusts fill more shifts and save money on agency staff.

Atereo Bank Staff Messaging works alongside your existing staff rostering system and is particularly effective where shifts need to be filled immediately, or in the next 24/48 hours.

Bank members can apply for shifts within the App and shifts that are allocated to them are automatically added to their calendar.

Busy Temporary Staffing teams can see which shifts still need to be filled and can focus their efforts accordingly, minimising the need for costly agency staff.

Atereo Bank Staff Messaging lets Temporary Staffing teams send messages to bank members with no incremental cost, reducing the spend on SMS Text messages. 

 Top Features: 

staff only icon

self service

Atereo Bank Staff Messaging lets bank members apply for shifts quickly and easily. 

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Atereo Bank Staff Messaging lets bank members easily see which shifts are available and which shifts have been assigned to them. 

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full audit trail

Atereo Bank Staff Messaging includes a full audit trail of all messages, so you know when they were sent, opened and responded to.

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 Atereo Bank Staff Messaging uses signed certificates and strong encryption to ensure that all information is both stored and transmitted securely.  

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 iPhone and Android compatible 

 Atereo Bank Staff Messaging Apps are provided for both the iOS and Android eco-systems.

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 easy to deploy 

As part of the Atereo Bank Staff Messaging installation, BTS produces customised apps for your Trust and deploys them in both the Apple Apps Store and the Google Play Store.


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