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 Atereo App is a new mobile app for NHS Trusts which improves communication for both patients and staff. 

 It provides real-time, location-based, time-specific information, giving patients and staff control, saving them time and improving their overall communication experience with your Trust. 

 Atereo App allows headcount savings by reducing the number & duration of calls from patients and staff to your contact centres and switchboard.

It also allows you to reduce pressure on A&E by giving patients up-to-date information on alternatives; this helps improve both patients' satisfaction and Trust KPIs.

When new staff join, such as on so-called ‘Black Wednesday’, Atereo helps them successfully transition by quickly building their knowledge and understanding of the organisation and its set-up. 

 Top Features: 

self service icon

self service

 Atereo allows patients to access information at their own pace, improving their overall experience and satisfaction with your Trust. 

easy to use icon

 easy to use

Atereo allows patients to easily identify the service they need and the contact options they have available.   

opening hours icon

 opening hours

Atereo's flexible opening hours system allows patients to see when the services they need are open. 

location specific icon

 location-specific information

With Atereo, the information presented is tailored to the user's current location, allowing patients to decide where they access services. 

pre-configured search icon

 pre-configured searches

With Atereo, searches can be pre-configured so the most important and regularly required information can be accessed with a single press. 

wait times icon

 wait times 

With Atereo, realtime wait times can be displayed, allowing patients to make informed choices about the services they select.

staff only icon

 staff only 

 Where appropriate, Atereo can restrict the information displayed, so only authorised staff within the organisation can see it. 

presence icon

 presence information 

 Atereo allows staff to see whether the people they want to contact are available and, if not, when they will be available. 

broadcast message icon

 broadcast messaging 

 Atereo includes a highly cost-effective message broadcast system that allows you to get information, such as closures or public health announcements, to a large number of people, quickly, easily and at virtually zero cost. 

secure icon


 Atereo uses signed certificates and strong encryption to ensure that all information is both stored and transmitted securely. 

iphone and android compatible icon

 iPhone and Android compatible 

 Atereo Apps are provided for both the iOS and the Android eco-systems. 

easy to deploy icon

 easy to deploy 

 As part of the Atereo installation, BTS produces customised apps for your Trust and deploys them in both the Apple Apps Store and the Google Play Store. 




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