technology simplified

BTS’ CommsWare Operator Console delivers
flexible working and consistent call handling
for both VoIP and legacy telephony systems

the problem

The University was looking for a fully integrated solution to address both telephone call handling and call logging.

It also needed a solution that would work with its legacy telephony network and its IP telephony system. 

It also wanted a solution that could allow its telephone operators to work more flexibly, anywhere on the University’s network.

the solution

BTS provided the University with the CommsWare Operator Console, CommsWare Call Logging, the PhoneWare Web Directory and the PhoneWare Directory for Cisco Handsets

It also integrated its database with LDAP, the Caplum cable management application, and the University’s internal Contact Search, allowing a single point of update for the University’s telephony data.

the pay-off

With little training, the University’s operators were able quickly to answer calls.

BTS’ database integration exercise has greatly assisted the drive to improve data integrity and database convergence.

And its flexible working came into its own when one operator had a knee operation and faced extended sick leave.