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Nottingham University Hospitals saves money and improves efficiency with BTS’ Directory Integration

Nottingham University Hospitals and the Nottingham Local Health community (PCTs, EMAS, Nottingham Healthcare and GP groups) have used BTS products since 1996 and currently run an integrated Call Logging and Directory system that provide services to the group of Trusts centred on the City of Nottingham.

BTS have worked with NUH and the local health community to produce a master set of data which is used to feed many other data sources including the contact centre directory, active directory and an IVR application.

When new operator consoles were installed, the data behind the directory was the master set of data.  “Operators could find the information they needed to connect calls much faster, allowing them to deal with calls more efficiently,” says Roger Childs.  “This helped us reduce our abandoned call rate by 90% over a 6 month period, thus offering a better service to our callers.  The implemented solution will save us money and keep our running cost to a minimum throughout the lifetime of the project”.

Nottingham University Hospitals Case Study